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I've been seeing Shauna for about 4 years and she's worked on everything from my sinus problems to my feet. Her ability to find problem muscles during a massage is UNREAL! She works muscles I didn't even know I had. If I had a problem spot at an earlier visit, that is the first thing she asks me about at my next visit. She gives me exercises to do at home to stretch & strengthen my muscles. Wether you want relaxation massage or deep tissue massage, Shauna is the person to see. She is an excellent massage therapist who I have and will continue to refer friends and family to.

Paula~ White Bear Lake


Shauna is a great massage therapist. I tell people  that she has "hands of steel". I've been seeing for about 2 years for deep tissue massage and I know that she'll work out the kinks. My chiropractor has even commented on what a great job she does in releasing muscle tension without causing additional damage.

Christina~ Columbia Heights


Shauna IS the best massage therapist I have ever encountered. She was able to work out areas that I never thought possible. Shauna is great with deep tissue and fascial massage... she understands your needs and is very tuned in withe the person she is working on.

Lisa~ Blaine


Shauna has been a fabulous Massage Therapist for me for 2+ years. She asks and listens to what is bothering me and then she creates a massage that focuses on relaxing/releasing the tension in those muscles.She will talk about what she is doing and how your body is impacted.

 If you just want to relax she will allow the music to soothe you. She continues to find different areas that are in need of tension release and I always leave in a different state of mind.

Relaxation massage, muscle tension release and so much more~ Shauna will make it an experience you will crave time and again!

Kristin ~ St.Louis Park


I have been seeing Shauna for about 3 years now and all I can say is "WOW"! Her MASSAGE intuition is on point. She listens to what is troubling you and digs in. Her deep tissue massage gets to muscles that I never knew existed.

I personally like that she takes the time and works with you and shows you how to do at home rehabilitation between sessions.

She genuinely cares for her clients and I have recommended her to others for her great service.

Anne ~ Eden Prairie


I hurt my shoulder this year coaching girls basketball. It kept getting worse to the point of it waking me up at night.

My choice was either go to the doctor and get cortisone shots or go see Shauna and receive deep tissue massage. Well, I picked the right one! After 2 sessions with Shauna I can sleep, make my bed, raise my arm above my head and it keeps getting stronger everyday, all WITHOUT DRUGS!! THANKS SHAUNA!!!

Wanda ~ Shafer

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